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rent ferrari dubai

Who isn't aware of Dubai? One of the most popular tourist sites in the world is Dubai, the heart of artistry, glamour, and luxury. The city's prominent landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain, welcome over 15 million visitors each year.

Dubai is an excellent location to hire a Ferrari.


When you think about Dubai, the first few qualities that come to mind are lifestyle, jewelry, fragrance, sports cars, Ferrari, and Mercedes.

Ferrari is a dream. Even youngsters are familiar with its logo. Ferrari is a luxury car famous for its durability, performance, and beauty. We aim to give everyone the chance to experience the speed and thrill that goes along with this beast at Silverstone Rent a Car. Nobody can ignore the car's beauty, driving dynamics, and adaptability.

Whether you ride around the neighborhood or race at a safe speed, you will get public attention and be a "real" crowd-puller.

Ferrari Rental Dubai Price

Rent Ferrari F8 Dubai

There are a few things to keep in mind when renting a Ferrari in Dubai. First, the price will vary depending on the model of Ferrari you're looking to rent. The most popular models, such as the 488 Pista or the F8 Tributo, will be more expensive than the less popular models.

Second, the price will also vary depending on the length of time you're looking to rent the Ferrari. If you're only looking to rent for a day or two, you can expect to pay less than if you're looking to rent for a week or more.

Finally, the price will also vary depending on the company you're renting from. There are a number of companies that offer Ferrari rentals in Dubai, and each company has its own pricing structure.

To get an idea of how much it will cost to rent a Ferrari in Dubai, we've compiled a list of prices.

Ferrari Pista

  • 1 day - 4,000 AED

  • 3 days - 10,000 AED

  • 1 week - 25,000 AED

Ferrari Portofino

  • 1 day - 3000 AED

  • 3 days - 8,000 AED

  • 1 week - 20,000 AED

Ferrari F8

  • 1 day - 3,800 AED

  • 3 days - 10,000 AED

  • 1 week - 24,000 AED

As you can see, there is a wide range in prices when it comes to renting a Ferrari in Dubai. You should also consider the length of time you're looking to rent and the model of Ferrari you're interested in.

If you're looking to rent a Ferrari for a special occasion or just want to experience what it's like to drive one of these luxury cars, be prepared to pay a premium price

Why choose a Ferrari?

Why should you hire a Ferrari? There are several logical factors. A few among them include:

  • experience a racing car's worth;

  • imagine yourself as a Formula 1 pilot;

  • make the photo shoot memorable;

  • promote your status among friends and colleagues;

  • meet professionals;

  • provide a present to your favourite one;

  • enjoy an important occasion.

Who rents a Ferrari in Dubai?

Everyone can afford a Ferrari. However, this supercar is typically rented by the following people at our car rental agency:

  • Travellers

  • Bloggers;

  • Media folks,

  • Those who are speed addicts;

  • Sports people

Mostly people relate Ferrari to Formula One. However, driving this majestic beast can indeed make you feel like a Formula One pilot. The journey is memorable, causing your heart rate faster.

We have all of the Ferrari vehicles at Silverstone Rent a Car, so we can confidently say that you'll only find the coolest and most remarkable versions, such as the Ferrari 488 Grey, Ferrari 488 Yellow, Ferrari 488 Pista, Ferrari 488 Spider Blue, Ferrari Portofino, or Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider at the lowest possible rates.

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Our perfect blend is a valuable feature for the money mixed with excellent customer service that makes a special moment. We made renting a car simple and stress-free so for you to enjoy it more. Call us to make a reservation, choose the car you like, or submit an online request. We provide two delivery choices: either the vehicle is provided to you, or you can pick it up from our showroom in Dubai.

Ferrari Rent A Car

We aim to be contemporary and up-to-date; thus, all of our vehicles are properly diagnosed and cleaned, helping us to ensure every vehicle's safety and cleanliness.

Why is it better to rent a car with Silverstone rent a car?

Everyone wants to enjoy the moment to the utmost without waiting for bus services or being on the lookout for a cab. At Silverstone Rent a Car, we have a variety of vehicles, including everything from deluxe Mercedes and Range Rover to sports Bentley and McLaren to SUVs Porsche and Cadillac to affordable Nissan and Infiniti. 

We ensure that everyone will find the perfect rental car by providing a wide range of options to meet every budget and taste. Since we are attentive to what our clients want, our entire staff works actively to meet your expectations and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ferrari Rental in Dubai

What documents are required to rent a Ferrari car in Dubai?

It's all based on your nationality and whether you are a resident of the UAE or a visitor. If you live in the UAE, you must provide copies of your passport, residential visa, Emirates ID, and a valid UAE driving licence.

Tourists must also bring a passport, a visa with an entry stamp, a valid driver's licence from their home country, and an international driving permit or an international driving licence. You can also use your home nation's licence to drive if you have a passport from one of the GCC countries, the US, the UK, Canada, or some other country.

Verify that you are eligible to rent a car in Dubai and your driving licence is valid in the UAE before you depart.

How much is it to rent a Ferrari in Dubai?

Its depend on the model and year of the Ferrari car, but starting price of Rental Ferrari is 2500 AED / Day in Dubai

Yes, insurance is required for all car rentals. It protects from any harm or mishap imposed by a third party. Although, if the accident is your mistake, the insurance won't pay the loss, and you will be responsible for servicing.

Is renting a Ferrari in Dubai a sensible decision?

Ferrari is for you if you want elegance, performance, and that "wow!" factor. Traveling in Dubai is fun because of the wide and clean roads. A Ferrari is a fantastic vehicle for both business and leisure travel when matched with moderate speed limits.

Additionally, the car is perfect if you want to impress your buddies or work colleagues, enjoy a special occasion, or just try something different for a change.

The dynamics of this car are unmatched, so be ready to enjoy the songs while driving! Once you get in the car seat and gently push the gas pedal, you will move as quickly as the wind.

What is eliminated from the Ferrari car rental price?

The cost does not cover some expenses like fines, speeding tickets, gas, parking, and Salik (road tolls). You will be informed of everything before you sign the agreement, and each of these will be charged extra.

Where can I pick up my rental car?

We offer car delivery throughout Dubai. In addition, our staff will pick up the vehicle at the end of the rental time.

What is the best time to hire a Ferrari in Dubai?

Dubai offers year-round Ferrari rentals. However, the cost will vary according to the season:

  • Summer is the "moderate season." It lasts from May until August. Rates for Ferrari are more reasonable during this time, and other deals are offered.

  • Winter is the "peak season." between September and April. During this time, car rental rates increase.

Why should I hire a Ferrari from Silverstone rent a car in Dubai?

In order to thoroughly explore Dubai, many of our clients are visitors. So, what can be preferable to travelling around the city in a wonderful Ferrari?

We have Ferrari vehicles to meet every budget. At reasonable rates, we ensure everyone can experience the perfect car for rent. Our "can-do" approach and first-rate customer service make your leasing and driving dynamics unique. 

Our staff members contribute actively to ensure that your expectations and requirements are satisfied as we understand what our clients want.

If you have any exceptional demands or specifications, feel free to contact us, and we'll do our best to come up with something that can meet your needs.