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Rent a car in Dubai 

Rent a car in Dubai AED 500 Per Month

One of the basic needs for visitors in Dubai is car rental. Since time is precious, renting a car in Dubai will allow you to visit all the city’s famous landmarks without wasting it on cabs, buses, or public transport. When it comes to driving technology, Dubai is one of the best cities in the world.

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You can experience the beauty of this city on the highways and routes that lead from the coast to the centre of the desert, usually passing through dynamic buildings and sophisticated sites. It sounds like Dubai was established specifically for premium vehicles.

Is renting a car in Dubai necessary?

In most cases, when a person travels, they have a range of choices for getting around the city. Public transport system and cab use are two of them. However, renting a car for a few days is an approach that can be less stressful and allows you to quickly move around the town at any time of the day or night. The cheapest way to travel in Dubai is by renting a car, as mentioned by Silverstone Rent a Car, a leading platform of car rentals in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the metropolitan areas that are incredibly beautiful for car lovers. All types of premium vehicles are available for rent in this city. Whether you choose Ferrari or Lamborghini, the newest models are commonly available on the roads. Though you are not bound to rent an expensive vehicle, you can also choose from affordable options.

Since Dubai is a vast tourist city, Climate-wise, it is hot. The distances between buildings are great, and cab prices are too high. However, Dubai’s marketplaces and shopping complexes are incredible and visiting everyone typically requires a full day. Metro is also available in major buildings. 

Moreover, a few hotels offer services near well-known Dubai sites. Therefore, the requirement for a rental car in Dubai depends upon the tour’s situation and purpose. Renting a car in Dubai is significantly less expensive than taking public transit, which can be highly expensive for tourists and waste travellers’ time. One of the advantages of renting a car in Dubai is lowering prices and restricting time loss.

Since you realize that renting a car in Dubai is the right alternative, you now have to know how to hire a vehicle in this city.

Traveling in Dubai? Here are some safety tips

  • For driving your car service in Dubai, you must implement these fundamental rules:
  • Stopping is compulsory for walkers.
  • Respecting the speed limit has always been a primary driving rule, which is common in Dubai.
  • Give importance to traffic signs.
  • It is always prohibited to use a cell phone.
  • It’s against the rules and punishable by a fine to eat while driving.
  • Drinking alcohol while driving or just before driving is punishable by high fines.
  • The front seat is not available for children under the age of ten.
  • Seat belts are necessary

Short-Term and Long-Term Car Rentals in Dubai  

When you plan to rent a car in Dubai, the following point is whether to rent short-term or long-term. The tourists can hire a car hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Short-term and long-term car rentals are available from all Dubai car rental agencies.

Short-term car hire is suitable for a touring or a weekend journey. If you have a one-way business trip, you can use this option.

Long-term car hire comes in a flexible budget alternative for those wanting to rent a car for a longer time, sometimes continuing for months or years. These car rental deals are typically more affordable than short-term options.

Points to consider when renting a car in Dubai

The following criteria for renting a car in Dubai must be applied by locals and visitors.

Select a Reputable Agency

A car rental agency needs to have a good reputation. Before choosing a company, do your research on them, check customer feedback, and get all the details you can. You can see the procedures for renting a car in Dubai. Moreover, it’s important to review the rental terms and conditions before choosing.

Driver’s License

You must possess an active UAE driver’s license if you are a UAE resident. Visitors and tourists may use their foreign driving licences. People with European or GCC driving licences may also rent a car if they have a valid visitor visa.

Traveling Outside UAE

Using a rental car outside of the UAE is generally restricted. If you’re deciding on a journey to Oman, use a buddy or relative’s vehicle.

Age Requirement

The minimum age to rent a car in the UAE is 21, even if the driving age is 18. For various cars, some rental agencies have imposed a 25-year age requirement. When renting a car in the UAE, you must pay attention to these age restrictions.

Responsibilities of the Renter 

The vehicle must be returned in the exact condition in which it was picked up. After hiring a vehicle in Dubai, the expense of any defects or loss will be added to the total amount.

Additionally, the renter is required to deliver the car to the company at the designated time. The car has to be used for legal, personal, or commercial purposes. It should not be used for strategic reasons unless allowed by the rental agency.

The renter is responsible for ensuring compliance to all relevant UAE traffic rules, including those controlling speed limits, traffic light observance, and driving under the presence of drugs or alcohol.

Furthermore, the tenant must not use the car in motor racing or market events. It’s not recommended to overload the hired car. The vehicle must be returned to the company after the completion of the lease contract.

Car Inspection 

Before renting a vehicle, the renter must give it a full inspection. GPS and kid safety seats should be correctly adjusted, and the renter should ensure this. He should check the car’s fuel/oil, radiator fluids, and tyre pressure and notify the owner of any problems.

Documents Required to Rent a car in Dubai 

For car rental in Dubai, the renter must submit documents to the rental agency

  • Passport Copy
  • Driving License
  • International Driver’s License for citizens of countries other than the GCC.
  • Details of the auto insurance company.
  • Proof of Income.
  • Residence Documents

Rental Car Insurance in Dubai 

The rental agencies demand car rental candidates include insurance papers. In order to lease a car, the bank needs complete insurance. A rental company representative can also provide you with information on the insurance policy’s deductible requirements and coverage.

Silverstone Rent a Car

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We serve the most convenient and cost-effective rental services in the United Arab Emirates, including Dubai and Abu Dhabi tours. We also have a variety of monthly car rental specials with a wide range of prices for daily, weekly, and even monthly vehicle rental services. You can contact our staff whenever you want, as we are available on all social media sites and through the website’s chat feature.

Client satisfaction is important to us. While there are many ways to get around Dubai, United Arab Emirates, enjoying and experiencing the city’s exceptional accents demands a rental car, which we can provide for you. We offer cars for group transportation, conferences, personal use, and gatherings of workers and employees.

Moreover, we prioritize service quality and bring reasonable prices, as we are the leading car rental company and are constantly renewing our collection. We are also easy to access. Therefore, contact us if you’re searching for a reputable and competent car rental agency that encourages efficiency and productivity while providing valid and reliable achievements.

Hire Luxury Cars in Dubai

The majority of individuals in Dubai live lush lives and travel in stylish, sporty, and eye-catching vehicles, as Dubai is a city of beauty and wealth. Additionally, Silverstone rent a car will support you in achieving your dream if you are one of those people who can spot supercars from a mile away or who can’t stop staring at the red-lit Bentley that is passing next to you. 

Nowadays, you can savour the modern model that speaks for itself, such as a Lamborghini or Mercedes. This innovation has enabled these vehicles to expand over time and become iconic. A first-class vehicle that wins love and appreciation is what you receive when you hire a luxury car from Silverstone Rent a Car in Dubai. 

Furthermore, our collection of high-end vehicles, which range from the Lamborghini Aventador to the Mercedes S Class, will allow you to take benefit of Dubai’s royal driving dynamics.

How to Hire Luxury Cars in Dubai

One of the most well-known latest trends is renting a car. These vehicles are now practically significant, specifically in tourist-friendly nations where it might be challenging to travel without private transportation that meets one’s demands. 

Because of the city’s geographical region and the broad roadways that cover a vast domain, whether within Dubai itself or on the route uniting the cities of the United Arab Emirates, supercars are among the vehicles people prefer to hire, mainly in Dubai.

Silverstone rent a car is one of the agencies enthusiastic about renting beautiful and sophisticated cars of different models and varieties. They feature a large collection of exotic cars, including Audi, Lamborghini, and Ferrari.

Sports & Expensive Cars Rental Deals in Dubai

The rate of renting a car changes based on a number of factors, such as the class of the vehicle, its brand, and the year it was manufactured. At Silverstone Rent a Car, we offer you the best sports and premium vehicles with valid insurance and free pick-up and drop-off facilities at affordable rates.

Since driving and travelling in Dubai is both peaceful and opulent. Appreciate driving at the lowest prices while experiencing the moment. Hire your car today from Silverstone Rent a car, start your tour in a luxury car right away, and let the engine’s speed, beauty, and sound speak for the entire adventure.

You can hire a variety of brands, models, and colours of cars, so make an instant choice and get behind the wheel of the car of your dreams. Drive it with style, grab everyone’s eye with its excellent design, and impress them with its high-efficiency level.

Contact Silverstone Rent a car in Dubai

Do you want to hire a sporty or expensive vehicle? Do you want variety and alternatives? Are you searching for a good price? Visit Silverstone Rent a car’s website,, to contact us with any questions, and we will respond.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the requirements to rent a car in Dubai?

All renters must be over 22, have a driver’s license at least six months old, and have the above documentation.

What is the minimum rental duration?

The minimum rental duration for all vehicles is 24 hours, regardless of whether it is a luxury or affordable car hire in Dubai. In order to help those clients who are searching for a long-term alternative, we now offer customized car rental packages.

Do I have to pay the Salik Charges?

When a car drives through the toll gate, the Salik toll collection system, owned by Dubai, automatically deducts a toll. At Silverstone Rent a car, all of our cars are provided with Salik tags. Therefore, every time clients pass through a toll gate, they will be charged AED 5.

Can I pick up a rental car directly at Dubai Airport?

Yes, we also offer a low-cost airport car rental service. You can contact us through our website, and one of our staff members will respond with all the information you want.

Can I give the rental car to someone else to drive?

No, only those customers who have provided Silverstone Rent a Car with their driver’s license and other required info are allowed to drive our car. If other drivers submit the mandatory documents and pay the registration amount, their names will be added to the list of registered drivers.

Who is supposed to pay all the parking fees?

Each client is responsible for paying any parking-related costs during the rental time.