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Rent a Car in Barsha Dubai – Car Rental Barsha Heights

Rent a car in Barsha Dubai


Al Barsha is a haven for couples, business people, and visitors preferring a peaceful urban lifestyle. It’s pleasant to live in a modern town! For that peaceful and calm atmosphere, it is even better if the town has wonderful lawns and stunning floral arrangements. 


In Al Barsha for entrepreneurs or leisure? Why just not hire a car? For every event at Al Barsha, Silverstone has suitable cars. However, if you’ve never rented a car before, here are some things you need to know about Al Barsha.

Al Barsha

One of Dubai’s most well-liked residential areas, Al Barsha, features outdated and cutting-edge facilities. It is a huge area consisting of phases 1, 2, and 3, including Al Barsha South, a new addition to the community. 


Tourists would need a vehicle in the neighborhood to get around easily and comfortably because it is populated with various accommodations, dining, and shopping opportunities. 


Although there is a well-developed building, including a distinct metro station and several bus stations, the traffic during the busy season and the shorter availability of public transportation make renting a car perfect.


Both visitors and locals should prefer renting a car in Al Barsha. We provide 24/7 roadside service, flexible packages, and high-quality, well-maintained vehicles in addition to our extremely reasonable rates.


Additionally, our company is frequently cleaned and monitored for security, assuring clients of driving comfort. Contact our staff anytime to access our honest and trustworthy rent-a-car service in Al Barsha.

What to do in Al Barsha

  • Ski Dubai

Who would have imagined sliding slopes of snow would be a chance in Dubai? Explore Ski Dubai to relieve yourself from the hot weather. This indoor alpine thrill, located close to Al Barsha, offers a variety of snow activities for locals and visitors. It features various activities, including snowboarding, skiing, and tobogganing.

  • Mall of the Emirates

As you’ll be touring Ski Dubai, situated in the Mall of the Emirates, be sure to visit the mall as well. It is one of the top malls in the town and offers lots of family-friendly dining, shopping, and leisure options.

  • Emirates Golf Club

This golf course, which The Greens top, has 36 holes of lush, green scenery surrounded by glittering skyscrapers. Explore the Emirates Golf Club with your car rental because it is one of the most popular and recommended things to do in the city for locals and visitors.

  • Dubai Marina

Al Barsha is close to Dubai Marina, providing visitors with various activities to fulfill their needs and interests. You can visit many places with your rental car, like the Dubai Marina Mall, the Beach, and the Lake.

Silverstone Rent a Car

Would you like to experience the prime cars in Al Barsha? Models like BMW, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Porsche, Cadillac, Audi, Lamborghini, Fiat, and Mercedes—are included in our exclusive range! Consider renting one of our high-end vehicles in Al Barsha for the ultimate celebrity luxury and comfort. 


We also have a decent selection of sport-utility vehicles for individuals who want a mix of characteristics like elegance, off-road driving qualities, spaciousness, and load capacity.


Moreover, cars like the Lamborghini Urus, Mercedes G63, Ford mustang, Audi Q8, BMW M4, Mercedes GLC 63, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Range Rovers, Porsche Panamera, Nissan Patrol, and Nisan Patrol Platinum are among the SUVs we have available for rent in Al Barsha.


Age Requirement

You must be 21 years old to rent a car in Al Barsha. If you have questions, read the rental car’s terms and conditions or contact us.

Car Wash Policies

You will get a clean vehicle from Silverstone Rent a Car, and you will be required to return it in the same condition. There will be cleaning fees for customers who return dirty vehicles.

Where do I pick up the vehicle, and how do I give it back?

Most cars, except for the luxury models, are picked up and returned to the showroom. We will provide free delivery and pickup at the location of your preference if you rent a premium vehicle from us. Other car rental customers can also arrange for delivery and pickup of their vehicles for an extra cost.


Al Barsha is one of the excellent locations to visit in Dubai, and it’s worth a classy car! We have vehicles for concerts, conferences, road trips, and much more. Certainly, we have got you provided in matters of car rental Al Barsha. Contact us right now to book a cheap rental car of your preference from Al Barsha’s top car rental.

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