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Infiniti Rental in Dubai

Rent Infiniti In Dubai 

Looking to rent a luxury Infiniti to rent in Dubai? You've come to the right place. At Silverstone rent a car, we offer a wide selection of luxury cars for you to choose from, including the popular Infiniti line. Whether you're in Dubai for business or pleasure, we will provide you with the best rental car with higher performance and comfortability. Check out our collection of rental cars in Dubai and choose the one which you like the most. 


Why Infiniti Is A Good Option To Rent In Dubai?

Though they are thousands of rental agencies and cars for you to drive in Dubai, you still prefer to rent Infiniti in Dubai because of its sleek design, exotic features, better grip on the road, easier to handle, and high speed. Being in Dubai, everyone wants to be superior and be a part of the high-standard lifestyle in Dubai. So renting an Infiniti in Dubai will be a better option as we have convertible cars too, to enjoy the beautiful weather of Dubai. 


Benefits Of Renting Infiniti In Dubai? 

All the cars have their own distinctive features which make them superior to others, the same as here in Infiniti rental cars you will find various models loaded with advanced features. Each of them is known for its sleek design, higher performance, and exotic features that make them a perfect car for any tourist. Here are some of the benefits of renting Infiniti in Dubai. 


Luxury And Comfortable

If you want to make a good impression in Dubai in the most comfortable rental car then you must prefer Infiniti rental cars that have higher performance to provide you with a smooth ride.


Easy To Derive 

Rental Infinitis are easy to drive and handle, even in Dubai's busy traffic. So if you're not used to driving in busy traffic, then an Infiniti is a good option for you. Even if you are a new driver, you will drive this car easily. 


High Performance 

Infinitis come with a lot of features and amenities that will make your drive more comfortable and enjoyable while driving at a higher speed. These cars have modified engines to take it from 0 to 100 km/h in just a few seconds. It will take you to your destination quickly. 


Save Money  

Infinitis are relatively affordable to rent, especially when you compare them to other luxury car brands. So if you're looking for a luxurious option that won't break the bank, then Infiniti is a great choice. Even at Silverstone rent a car, we provide you special offers and rental cars at an affordable price so all the tourists can rent it easily. 


Requirements To Rent Infiniti In Dubai  

We have numerous clients using our cars during their stay in Dubai. If you want to rent a car from us, you must fulfill our requirements first to rent a car in Dubai from Silverstone. These requirements differ depending on the car brand and the number of days you want to rent it. 

If you are a national tourist, you must have the following things. 

  • A single copy of your ID card. 

  • A single copy of your driving license 

  • The age limit to rent a car is 21 years 

  • We charge 2000 AED as a security deposit in advance, which is refundable. 


If you are an international tourist, you must have the following things to rent a car in Dubai. 

  • A single of your passport

  • A single copy of your international driving license. 

  • The age limit to rent a car is 21 years.

  • We charge 2000 AED as a security deposit in advance, which is refundable.


Your documents will be returned to you, and the security deposit will be refunded after a few days when you return the car. 

Infiniti Rental Prices 

Here are the rental prices for Infiniti in Dubai at SAIlverstone rent a car. You can choose the one which you like the most and best to suit you. 

  • Infiniti QX60 SUV - 400 AED per day