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Car Rental in Emirates Tower

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Car Rental in Emirates tower

In the present-era travelers worldwide have many more resources for a pleasant and vibrant trip. Car renting is one of these facilities which offers you a chance to experience full freedom while commuting.

How to select a car for rent?

You should first consider the type of car you’ll require for your trip. A mini-class vehicle is not appropriate if there are more than two passengers. The length of the journey must be taken into consideration; the more time spent travelling, the more comfortable the vehicle should be. 

For example, you can take a golf class or a more convenient D-class for a long tour. You can use A-class vehicles and save money for one-time journeys. Renting a minivan is probably the best option if a large group is touring.

Emirates Tower

The Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel and the Emirates Office Tower are parts of the Dubai building complex known as The Emirates Towers, connected by “The Boulevard,” a 9,000 m2 two-story retail space. 

The owner of the structure is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The two towers rank 51st and 11th in the world’s tallest projects, respectively, with heights of 354.6 m to the tip and 241.4 m to the occupied location. 

The Emirates Towers complex is an icon of Dubai and is situated on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Both the Emirates Office Tower and the Emirates Hotel Tower were established by the construction department of the Al Ghurair Investment Group, a subsidiary of Ssangyong and BESIX. The hotel has 400 rooms.

The constructions have many storeys, even though the taller office building has 56 stories above ground and the hotel tower has 54 floors. This is because the office tower’s individual floors are taller than the hotel’s. There are 17 elevators located within the facility.

570,000 square meters of parkland, including lakes, waterfalls, and public lounge areas, surround the Emirates Towers complex. Up to 1,500 cars can park here easily. These towers recently earned the record for the highest buildings in Dubai.

Advantages of renting with Silverstone rent a car

Daily average prices by car type

An extensive range of brand-new automobiles, SUVs, vans, and exotic cars are available in Silverstone Rent a Car. For special events, business trips, family vacations, and everyday use.

Relocating to a different place

You can return a car to another city. Simply input the preferred return city to explore for matched offers. The search results will only contain options from businesses that allow returns to a different city. The prices listed already contain a one-way tariff.

Get amazing discounts on car rentals

Compare our prices and save dollars. You must book your rental car as soon as you have decided and confirmed your travel dates.

It’s possible to rent a car at the last minute, but making reservations in advance is generally preferred.

Therefore, for each journey, we compare reliable, well-known companies with local ones specific to your preferred pick-up spot to get the best deals.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I upgrade my reservation?

Absolutely. You can either upgrade your reservation when you check in at the rental office in the Emirates Tower or in advance with Silverstone.

What are extra insurance alternatives?

We have a lot of alternatives to choose from. To guarantee security, we highly suggest getting our Full Coverage. Plus, our fee is the lowest, and you will be safe for the period of your rental.

What is your mileage rule?

Each vehicle in a search result will display its terms and conditions, where you can check if the kilometer is limited or unlimited.

Is it possible to return a vehicle after the deadline listed on the rental agreement?

If you won’t be able to return your rental car at the stated drop-off time, it is crucial to let the agency know. You will be charged an extra day if you return a car more than two hours late.


By booking the best rental possible, you can make your trip the coolest it can be! With the help of Silverstone Rent a Car, you can enjoy your journey in comfort with a premium vehicle

We offer the best sports and exotic vehicles at the most affordable costs. To have the best trip possible, you shouldn’t have to spend loads of money, and we make sure you don’t!