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Car Rental in Dubai international airport terminal 2

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Car Rental in Dubai International Airport Terminal 2

Dubai is a popular tourist attraction in the Middle East and the shining star of the United Arab Emirates, welcoming millions of visitors each year. 

Whatever your interests, this wonderful city has everything to keep you engaged. You will be impressed by this world-class metropolis, which features the iconic Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Creek, the gorgeous Jumeirah Mosque, and many other outstanding landmarks. 

The only flaw? The weather! However, you can prevent it and travel from one place to another in luxurious air-conditioned comfort if you book a premium vehicle from Silverstone Rent a Car.

Navigating through Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world and just over 4 kilometers from the city’s heart, is loaded with incredible amenities you would not find anywhere else.

Zen gardens, a pool, a spacious shopping area, and coveted Snoozecubes for a short nap between flights are all to be noticed.

There are three terminals at Dubai Airport. When you arrive, you will find the car rental counters at any of the airport’s three terminals.

Dubai Airport Terminal 2

The smallest and more domestically oriented Terminal 2 at Dubai Airport accommodates over 50 flights. However, scheduled, charter and special flights are served at Terminal 2 at Dubai Airport on important events. Nowadays, about 50 flights are running from this terminal.

Plus, Dubai’s low-cost airline, flydubai. It is situated north of Terminal 1 and is accessible by Rashidiya and Al-Twar road. Besides, the annual capacity of Terminal 2 at Dubai Airport is about 5 million passengers.


Dubai Airport Terminal 2 contains four levels:

  • First level: Arrival level
  • Second level: You can get the following facilities in this level, including six boarding gates, remote stands, boarding lounges, transfer areas, transfers desks, Business Class Lounge, retail stores, food courts, and outlets.
  • Third level: This departure level has amenities like immigration counters, staff and crew counters, oversized baggage counters, Special Handling Services lounges, VIP lounges, ticket sales lounges, and cashier desks, among other comforts.
  • Fourth level: Arrival level.


There are short- and long-term parking facilities in front of each terminal at Dubai International Airport. Short-term parking is the best option if you’re only going to be at the airport for five hours or less. 

Choose the long parking category if you need parking for more than 6 hours. Bus lines to the airport are available to transport you from the long-term parking area, which may be a little distance from the terminals.

Top-notch parking, which is situated closer to the terminals, is available at both Terminals 1 and 2, as well as budget parking, which is a short distance from the terminals. 

The cost of parking in the economic areas might be as low as $5 for the first hour or as much as $20 for the complete day. The high expense price starts at $7.50 for the first hour and goes up to $30 daily.

However, you can reach the city center in 10 minutes after you have your rental car keys in your pocket.

Driving Directions

The Al Garhoud neighborhood, roughly 2.9 miles (5 kilometers) east of the center of Dubai, is home to the Dubai International Airport. 

It can be reached via Al Quds Street, which crosses Dubai Airport’s northern border, or off Airport Road (D89), which winds in a south-easterly direction from Dubai’s city center, on the eastern side of Dubai Creek.

Additionally, Beirut Street touches the Dubai Airport’s eastern border. It is a supplementary road that connects to the side roads for the terminal buildings. Dubai International Airport is also situated across the number 11 motorway and Dubai Shopping Area.

Where to Eat and Drink

The attentive traveler will find a wider selection of dining opportunities at Terminal 2. Pulp Juice Bar, Taste of India, McDonald’s, Bombay Chowpatty, Subway, and Krispy Kreme are available.

Charging stations and Wi-Fi

All terminals at DXB have unlimited, free, high-speed net access. You only need to take three easy steps to connect. First, click “DXB Free Wi-Fi” from the list of available networks. Next, launch your web browser and select “Get online now.” 

In order to interact with your family and friends while traveling, it is a quick and easy process. Additionally, there are many mobile charging points all across the airport.

Here is a guide for traveling from Dubai International Airport to the city heart in case your cellular data service is weak:  

  1. Take Casablanca St./D70 from the airport and head toward Al Garhoud.
  2. Keep focusing on the fork, following markings for E11.
  3. Join onto E11/Al Garhoud Bridge.
  4. Stick to E11 until taking exit 50A for D71 W toward Jumeirah

That’s it! You are now in the center of Dubai City.

Tips for driving your car rental in Dubai  

  • You must be basic awareness of the area if you have never driven in the Middle East. Here are some guidelines to help you to improve your rental car experience:
  • Considering fast drivers and spacious roads, traffic on the roads is sometimes extremely intense. Pay close attention to your speed, check your mirrors, and always look before crossing cars.
  • Camels are a famous traffic hazard in Dubai; although they are not speedy, you must slow down and negotiate around them if you see them.
  • You must be driving on the right side of the road because Dubai’s rental cars have left-hand drive, just like those in the United States.
  • Walkers have the right to the road on zebra crossings, named pedestrian crossings in Dubai.
  • The Salik Toll is a particular toll collection method used in Dubai. When picking up your rental car from Dubai Airport, get accurate information on how and when to pay.
  • In Dubai, the temperature is quite intense. Travel with enough water at all times.

How and where to pick up your hire car 

Since Dubai Airport is so vast, you can rent a car from Silverstone rent a car. Though Terminal 3 is only used by flights from Emirates and Qantas, you will usually touch down in either Terminal 1 or 2.

The good news is that you can rent cars from the company at Dubai Airport Terminal with Silverstone Rent a Car. Using your rental car in Dubai to travel from the airport to the city

Silverstone Rent a car

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