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Car Rental in Downtown Dubai

Car Rental in Downtown Dubai

Rent a car in Dubai and the UAE to receive our lowest prices, top-tier cars, and reputable quality service.

Are you looking for an affordable car rental in Dubai? With top-notch cars offered for rent, Silverstone Rent a Car provides you with the most affordable car rental service in the area.

In addition to having the cheapest deals on car rentals in Dubai, Silverstone Rent a Car guarantees client comfort by offering customized, experienced service throughout the United Arab Emirates. 

In order to provide you with the utmost luxury, our crew will be glad to assist you in selecting the ideal car rental in Dubai as per your requirements. We will supply your rental car quickly to wherever you are in the community.

About Downtown

Downtown Dubai, as its name suggests, is the hub of Dubai and is rapidly developing day by day. The region is lively and home to several iconic monuments and sights, including the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, and the Dancing Fountains. 

The great spot keeps Downtown crowded all year. There are always some interesting activities in Downtown Dubai, which draws visitors endlessly. The location is well famous for providing a lush life. 

It used to be a vertical neighbourhood; however, many residences have also been introduced to the real estate sector. It is, after Dubai Marina, the neighbourhood with the most sought-after luxury flats for rent, according to Bayut’s 2020 Rental Market Report.

Several prominent residential and business sectors are easy to reach from Downtown. It is a very sophisticated and vibrant community, geographically situated along Sheikh Zayed Road, E11, across Al Wasl, and near Business Bay. 

One of Dubai’s top neighbourhoods for regular tourists and non-drivers is downtown. Downtown Dubai is a sought-after site and “the centre of now” because of its numerous attractions, including luxury hotels, contemporary leisure destinations, and huge shopping malls.

Community Overview

Downtown Dubai, introduced by Emaar Properties, is a community with a range of well-connected things and draws tourists from all over the world. 

As for real estate aspects, there are multiple luxury residences, creating Downtown a preferred priority among locations in Dubai to rent an apartment. In addition, the grand apartment buildings offer podium villas and penthouses.

Nearby Areas 

Dubai’s downtown area, which is linked to both the old and modern Dubai, serves as the informal centre of the city. Theoretically, it is situated between the commercial centres of Business Bay and DIFC, off Sheikh Zayed Road. Nad Al Sheba is a short distance toward the east. The neighbourhood lies to the west of Jumeirah 1.

Leisure Activities 

Downtown has a never-ending variety of activities to do. The neighbourhood’s crowded atmosphere is undoubtedly one of the primary pros of renting in Downtown Dubai. 

In the Dubai Mall alone, there are numerous places for kids to have fun, including a movie theatre, theme park, arcade, ice rink, and more. At Trampo Extreme, both children and adults may have enjoyed it. 

At the same time, a get-together with buddies can also be arranged at one of the shisha cafes in Downtown Dubai.

Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera features concerts, performances, and events from around the world all year round.

Furthermore, a segment of the cultural specials of Downtown Dubai is the outdoor exhibition displaying local artists. 

You can sometimes find unusual and diverse installations when travelling along Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard’s tree-lined boulevard and a slide that both adults and young children enjoy.

Silverstone Rent a car

Silverstone Rent a car – is a premium car rental business where you can search the top-quality sports car such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and McLaren, highly ranked premium models including Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce and Bentley in Dubai. 

Choose and reserve your preferred vehicle, relax and enjoy the trip on Dubai’s flawless highways.

Benefits of Renting a luxury car in Dubai

  • Security and safety. 

Luxury car rentals in Dubai are a common requirement from customers. Hence, the rental car is safe. No one even tries to destroy or steal your automobile because security cameras are put around. However, the United Arab Emirates is also known as one of the safest nations.

  • Reasonable rates

Dubai is the city with the highest-priced vehicles. All tenants, visitors, and citizens prefer to drive only luxury vehicles. 

There are many alternatives as there is significant interest. There is fierce competition for “rent a car” companies. They all strive to give the client the most possible deal. Consequently, hiring a premium car in Dubai is substantially less expensive worldwide.

  • Multiple varieties of cars

The world’s top models’ deluxe and sports vehicles are compiled in Dubai. You just have to select, and you can start driving in the car of your dreams on the same day.

  • Flawless roads

Renting a luxury car in Dubai ensures the highest driving comfort. It is achieved by both perfect clean roads and high-quality vehicles. You will not be affected by pits and other highway glitches and only enjoy the ride. Your objectives will definitely be reached.

  • Beautiful weather and atmosphere

Dubai is notable for its excellent roads, eye-catching buildings, and architectural marvels. Plus, Dubai just has a genuine affection towards itself. 

Additionally, the weather has been lovely here for almost the whole year. If you rent a convertible, you may open the roof to enjoy Dubai’s beautiful scenery and sunny weather.


Nearly all of Dubai’s best places to visit are situated in or close to Dubai Downtown. With Silverstone Rent a car, you can rent a car in downtown Dubai and drive around in luxury and comfort.

Despite all of its advantages, a few factors should be taken before shifting to the area. Downtown Dubai is a nice and warm tourist attraction, so it gets overcrowded during peak months. 

Everybody, from single people to families, should live in Downtown Dubai. Many residences are luxurious, but if you’re lucky, you might encounter a few that are more reasonably priced.