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Abu Dhabi International airport Terminal 2 – Silverstone Rent a Car

Car Rental in Abu Dhabi International airport Terminal 2 

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Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)

Abu Dhabi International Airport is the foremost airport in the UAE’s capital city. This post will guide you in navigating through Abu Dhabi International Airport easily if you are planning a trip and want to learn more about it. 

Keep reading to learn more about the terminals, lounges, amenities, and ways to get to and from the departures and arrival locations of the airport.

How to reach Abu Dhabi International Airport

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is situated just across from Masdar City in the center of the country’s capital. Strategically located, it is directly accessible by taxis, public transportation, and driver assistance.

In the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second-largest airport after Dubai International Airport. The airport is served by more than 30 airlines, which travel to 120 countries. Presently, there are three terminals at the Abu Dhabi International Airport: Terminals 1, 2, and 3.

Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal 2 – T2

At the Abu Dhabi airport, Terminal 2 is the second terminal. It is situated on a different site west of Terminal 1. The smallest of the three, Abu Dhabi Terminal 2, has 19 check-in desks, three bus boarding gates, and two baggage claim belts.

Other facilities at AUH International Airport

Tourists can use some of the top amenities at the arrivals and departure gates at the Abu Dhabi International Airport. But, first, look at what Abu Dhabi’s airport has to provide.

Abu Dhabi Duty-Free

The Abu Dhabi Duty Free is the best option for shopping at the airport, including 24 food and beverage outlets and 119 retail stores spread across the three terminals. 

The best-selling perfumes, watches, jewelry, souvenirs, toys, and other stuff from worldwide and local companies are available at these Abu Dhabi airport shops. 

Even the Abu Dhabi Airport Duty Free site allows customers to shop online and pick up their orders when they arrive at the airport.

AUH Airport Lounges

Relaxing in the airport lounges is one of the coolest things to do in the Abu Dhabi airport. The airport lounges in Abu Dhabi are perfect for those who want to enjoy first-class service. 

Al Ghazal, Al Reem, Etihad, and Al Dhabi lounge are a few of the lounges that provide free refreshments, Wi-Fi, and shower services for the visitors. These amenities at the Abu Dhabi airport are very helpful for those who prefer to rest up before taking off.

Silverstone Rent a Car

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Frequently Asked Questions 


What are the advantages of renting a car from Silverstone in Abu Dhabi airport (AUH)?

The lowest rates are available when booking from Silverstone to Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). Silverstone rent a car provides excellent service and top-notch savings on a huge stock of cars.

How do I get the best and most affordable offers from Silverstone rent a car in Abu Dhabi airport (AUH)?

Select the most suitable rental at Silverstone in Abu Dhabi Intl. airport by entering the date and time of your journey and the pick-up and drop-off schedules in the search feature. So you can compare the pricing, pick-up site, and car model.

What car varieties does Silverstone rent a car offer in Abu Dhabi Intl. airport (AUH)?

There are multiple models offered by Silverstone rent a car at Abu Dhabi Intl. airport for all types of costs. If you’re sparing no budget while on the trip, hire a deluxe or sports car. Alternatively, hiring an inexpensive or small vehicle can save money while traveling for business.


Our large variety of luxury vehicles has different brands from all major sectors ranging from simple, economy, convertibles, and sports SUVs to luxury commercial vehicles. 

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